• Keryn Loprete

New Years Day Post 1

Updated: Jan 5, 2018

Here we go!

How many times I heard people say as I was passing them last night , in the street , celebrating New Years Eve and saying next New years Eve I'm going to do this or that?

What about the whole year in between.......

Celebrate every day, enjoy every moment, be with the people you enjoy being with , not the people you feel you have to. Be with the people that have time for you , not make time for you!

My challenge for whoever is listening and my self is this year live it as if it was my last ( its not, I think ) I'm going to express myself honestly...... and on saying that I was going to say sorry in advance, why am I apologizing for being honest? I think while keeping everybody else happy some of us forgot to make ourselves happy first.

Do things for the first time , without letting fear or others saying its not tim

e. its not right, will there ever be the right time!

In this year I hope to conquer this computer and just be able to cook, heal and be happy, is it that simple?

Life is only complicated as we make it ,remember we are all on our own journey.

This by far will be my shortest blog of the year I'm sure and its a bit up on my high horse moment but I think a lot of us have forgotten who we really are, I know I'm a mother, a wife, a nutritionist, a friend, a cook, but I am also Keryn and that's who I want to be remembered as, Keryn that could do all of those things.

tomorrow I will be talking about low carbohydrate living , the pro's and cons

Love always

Keryn x

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