Program 1

Real food, healthy living, the Mediterranean diet

 This first part of the whole program "program 1" is to work out quantities and qualities, how to organise your menus and your pantry and your life to be healthy and eat delicious meals for life

*the programs do lead on from one another, program 1 through to program 12, but you can jump in when  we reach a program suited to you.

An example of what is in program 1 - real food, healthy living, the Mediterranean diet!

Chicken Shish Kebab

Eating wholefoods is the core of healthy living and  intention for you at this pint is to simplify the process. It's time to stat thinking about eating food to nourish the body not just to eat out of habit or to just feel full!

Week 1

  • The true Mediterranean diet explained

  • Excessive or unbalanced nutrition and key foods

  • Micro-nutrient - vitamin A

  • Kitchen - seed crackers & whipped ricotta desert

  • Menus explained for the week

Week 2

  • How the body uses food, what is needed and basic explanation of Macronutriets and Micronutrients

  • the 11 foods to remove and why

  • Micronutrient - Digestive enzymes explained

  • organise and prepare i advance

  • Kitchen - my creamy sauce, mug English muffins & mug puddings with variations

  • Menus explained  for the week

Week 3 

  • Digestion and getting the best out of your food

  • Real food vs Frankenfoods

  • Micronutrient - vitamin D

  • Kitchen - grilling Mediterranean vegetables & storing them, egg a& bacon baskets & preparing a single serve mezza plate

  • Menus explained for the week

Week 4

  • Planning and balancing a true Mediterranean lifestyle

  • Motivation for movement

  • Micronutrient - the Omega's explained

  • Kitchen - what to do with ageing vegetables - making stock powders, broths

  • Menu explained for the week

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