Programs & Classes

The aim is to find and keep good health through food and lifestyle. This group of programs can be used for weight loss, regaining health, improving your lifestyle, working out what foods may be causing issues to your health, or to gain knowledge of health for you and your loved ones.

As we work our way through the programs things will change, food allowances, movement tweaks and lifestyle recommendations. Start from program 1 with all the basics like quantities and quality of life and food or join in at the program which you feel is relevant to you. At the different stages you will be gaining the knowledge about your health ad what the triggers may be that are causing weight gain or loss, inflammation, allergic reactions (rash, pain, stomach issues), headaches and the list goes on.

* A designated pack is optional for each course and is based on whether weight loss is an aim or specific dietary and health needs are needed

Eating plans

The eating plans are based around eating real food and eliminating what is not needed for you personally. Each 4 week program will carry through the process  of the first 3 weeks are low carbohydrate and week 4 adding back in appropriate carbs for that style of eating, this is to see;

  • if you have reactions to specific foods

  • its good to test the body

  • to see what works best for you ( one way of eating does not suit everybody and so tweaking is often needed)

For those who find it hard to stick to a forever healthy lifestyle I do suggest following through the programs month by month to work out exactly what is causing issues with weight loss or health in general. Getting there slowly will allow you to be more coherent to a lifestyle you will want to stay with. These programs are at a progression rate which makes it easier to move on to the next stage as slow or as fast as you want to .You can do program 1 and wait 3 months getting used to prepping real food before moving on to program 2, the choice is yours.

Stay healthy

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