For my health, 365 days of blogging


I'm still not sure if that's a statement or a question in my case!

A little about me, I'm 56 years old and just realized I need to get my weight and health in order ( now that's a statement).

Being in the fashion industry from 15 years of age at 50 years of age and complete bankruptcy because of my misguided ideas of the fashion industry , I chose to re educate myself. So of to uni to get my Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine, the other passion of my life "food".

During my 56 years of life as with everybody I have had my ups and downs, which I'm sure I will relieve myself of in the next year of blogging.

This blog will also be my personal diary, foods, exercise, mishaps, ideas, new recipes, etc,

How , you ask?

-with being a Clinical Nutritionist I let myself become not as healthy as I should be!


I understand when my patients say to me "but I cant find the time to do that or to eat that"

Well now I'm putting myself to the test and I am accountable to everyone who reads my post and my reputation as a Clinical Nutritionist. All those years of hard study, now I.m going to put myself up as the test. Tomorrow I will explain the blog and hope it will inspire many , weather your over weight, think your to old ( never to old), do not have the time, or just need a little push , I need it to.

who's number one in my life "ME" (I still love you Fred)

So this is the pre blogging of my 365 days of blogging ( you will get used to me) officially starting on January 1st

love always


#health #food #reipes #lowcarbliving

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