While in season, I use it or store it

Day 5

Why it makes sense to eat what is in season!

Not only is it usually cheaper but it is usually local as well. Buying local produce is in most cases a great choice to help local growers and you know its fresh, farm to market.

Saying this it is still wise to go as organic as you can possibly afford, as this is actually the healthiest choice. Some people might be misguided that a farmers market or local produce sign means organic, think again. Our earth where produce is grown has become depleted over many years of over use and none environment friendly procedures. A combination of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are used regularly over fresh produce to get that perfect look demanded by the public. You ask how I would know this, I'm married to an ex- market gardener, who's father was a market gardener as well. I'm not trying to put you off of eating fruit and vegies,, for sure not, just know what you buy.

No matter where I buy my F&V as soon as I get home I fill a large container or my sink with cold water and put in 1/2 cup of white vinegar, at lease I know i'm removing anything that is on the out side.

Become frugal

I also have become a little frugal in my age and buy more of what is in season if on sale. I've invested in a dehydrator, large cooking pots. a sauce maker and a sausage maker. In future posts I will show you what to do with all of these ans they will pay for them selves over and over again. There is nothing better than saying I made that onion powder, That spaghetti sauce was made fresh, you will know exactly what is in your bone broth. And I can hear you already saying 'your dreaming' I thought the same . But now I do the sauce once a year, I have enough dried parsley (from my garden)to last me 3 years, I make my chicken bone broth once every 2 months and freeze it in 500 ml containers. Time , I believe if you put aside 4 hours a week to prep produce you will enjoy doing it , eating it and sharing it. We just got 20 kg of beautiful fresh very ripe plump tomatoes ( you can pick up tomatoes mid summer for about $5 - $10 a box , 10 kg) this will make

about 20 large jars of the best pasta sauce you will ever taste . It took us about 1 hour to clean , prep and sauce and 2 hours with the jars in a pot on a burner so really the time was 1 hour, not bad. In a future post I will show you step by step how to do a good jar of sauce, use it on zoodles, pasta, base for pizza, stews etc. I love family values and nothing is nicer than sharing food especially with the people you love and care for the most, cooking together is very therapeutic, turn these things into a family tradition.

In high season you can often get berries,or pineapples at very good prices and freeze them in snap lock bags for future smoothies. Did I say its probably a good idea to buy a freezer ?

My dehydrator was a great buy to, I activate my nuts, make all my own stock powders, dried parsley, basil, chili, even sun dried tomatoes. with these procedures I'm talking about most of the time is the machine doing the work, you just have to do the prep. I can still hear you saying time, time,, time, so think of it as time with your family preparing, less time shopping , more time eating real food, more time making you and your family healthy, they and you are worth it.

Your own garden?

sounds like hard work and time again, it is very fulfilling

even if you live in an apartment wall gardens are fantastic, instead of having your normal plants in there , have edible plants and herbs in there. Herbs a very easy to grow, beautiful to look at and very cheap to replace. Imagine fresh herbs on your food every day. If you have a bit of a yard grow tomatoes, chili, zucchini, once you've done it once and tasted them you will definately keep growing. and yes I still have time to work as a Clinical Nutritionist, a very busy social life, a wonderful husband, our grown children and their partners and fur grand children, I love cooking, entertaining, but I love growing and preparing my own healthy foods.

Tomorrow my post will be "different lifestyles different lives", I lope you will join me for my 6th post

Love Always

Keryn xxx

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