Different lifestyles for different lives

Day 6 of 365 days of blogging

Do we get caught up it trends, fads, opinions, peer pressure?

Most of us probably do!

These traits can be in fashion, education, socializing, but at the moment it seems to be in food and health more than ever before. Yes it's good to get people motivated and enthused , but a lot of the time we are just heading for failure trying to live up to somebody else's expectations, one glove doesn't fit all! As we are all individuals different diets, exercises, lifestyles work differently for all of us, what everybody else is doing may work for a while, but then, your life comes into it , and complications may arise. In saying this , yes, maybe guide lines are a great beginning, but then find the glove that fits and change it every now and again . I constantly have patients that want change (mostly because of health reasons) but can't do anything at the moment because, my birthday is coming up, my daughter is getting marries, going on holidays, works to busy at the moment, I don't have the time, believe me I have heard them all. The single thing to remember changes if needed or wanted can only happen if you make them. I can say a million different things in this post, that I do, that would be the best thing, that can make you feel better, but just reading it is not going to achieve a result!

One glove does not fit all

That's exactly why I believe different lifestyles for different lives, one glove doesn't fit all!

So how do you find the right course of life, trial and error!

Sorry, I don't have (and nobody does) a magic wand to wave over you and its all good, trial and error or positive out come is the only way, and as we move through different events and changes in our lives this will all change over and over again. Balance is paramount, We all need to find our own balance, how much down time, food, movement. So don't become complacent , Change your life up if things feel dull, or just not right, it's your life take responsibility for it , it's never to late. How many times have you heard "I used to eat like this all the time and I never gained an ounce, now I'm putting on weight every year", sound familiar? As I've said in past posts I'm 56 years old, love life, love my job and great at advising people on what to do, but this year I'm writing 365 posts to get my own health and weight back in order and being accountable for my own self. I'm not blaming anybody else, I'm blaming circumstances of life, so my life style has changed, it's completely different from 5 years ago, 10 years ago or 20 years ago, I'm meta-morphing once again, it's a challenge but very satisfying at the same time. Through this next year I'm sure I'll have fails its OK, pick myself up , may be have a little cry(menopause is current), and try something else or attempt the same thing again,Always remember as well the pampering side, it's not just about go, go ,go (even though it feels that way some times), take a bit of down time , it is even more important than the movement times. I'm a Virgo born in the year of the Ox, maybe a little bit stubborn.......but I do remember me, it's called selflessness and I'm not like anybody else and neither are you.

You are who you are!

Never ever compare your self, your accomplishments, your disasters, your anything to anybody else, this is you, your life, your way and its just you.

I know at 56 and working full time and the rest of my commitments in life I have no desire to go to the gym every day , but I live going for a walk at my favorite beach , if time is not permitting I will walk around my local area, its still movement. I prefer to have basic equipment at home , Gym ball, Medicine ball, hand weights and I can do a work out when convenient in my home, this may not suit every one, but for my lifestyle at this stage in my life its my best option. Movement is also yoga, palates,, ti chi, move the body relax the brain.

So my thought for this blog is you may need to combine a few different combinations for your health and lifestyle to bet back on track, just tweak it when it needs tweaking don't become obsessed, be real, live real, keep it simple and most of all feel healthy.

Love always

Keryn xxx

#selfhelp #helath #movement #selflessness

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