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February 6, 2018

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B for Butter


Blog 8

Butter has been demonized for so long, even back when I was little my mum used to make her own butter and then all of a sudden it was more health and easier to buy Margarine. I can remember my mum saying 'margarine spreads so much easier, its low fat so better for us', this was quite obviously media hype and back when people just believed what ever was told to them by the then "experts" 


Now on to butter and what most people have been missing out on for many years , maybe even generations. Am I an expert on this, no, who is?. But I can tell you what is good for you from evidence based studies as well as my own experiences. It all comes down to eating real and butter, it's just about as real as you can get. Below are the steps for making the two  items in question, both of these were easily available online, I have not adjusted any procedure and have left it exactly as the manufacturers explained the processes.


 Steps to make butter:

  1. separate the cream from the milk. ...

  2. Skim the cream off the top. ..

  3. Agitate the cream until butter solids separate from the buttermilk. ...

  4. Pour off the buttermilk.


Steps to make margarine:

*There are 12 steps please check it out on line here     

Thank you N.E.M Business Solutions for the clear step by step account of how margarine is made (