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Butter has been demonized for so long, even back when I was little my mum used to make her own butter and then all of a sudden it was more health and easier to buy Margarine. I can remember my mum saying 'margarine spreads so much easier, its low fat so better for us', this was quite obviously media hype and back when people just believed what ever was told to them by the then "experts"

Now on to butter and what most people have been missing out on for many years , maybe even generations. Am I an expert on this, no, who is?. But I can tell you what is good for you from evidence based studies as well as my own experiences. It all comes down to eating real and butter, it's just about as real as you can get. Below are the steps for making the two items in question, both of these were easily available online, I have not adjusted any procedure and have left it exactly as the manufacturers explained the processes.

Steps to make butter:

  1. separate the cream from the milk. ...

  2. Skim the cream off the top. ..

  3. Agitate the cream until butter solids separate from the buttermilk. ...

  4. Pour off the buttermilk.

Steps to make margarine:

*There are 12 steps please check it out on line here

Thank you N.E.M Business Solutions for the clear step by step account of how margarine is made (http://nem.org.uk/marg1.htm)

I know which I would rather eat and let my loved ones eat!


Then comes the argument of butter is full of saturated fat!

Well this goes into the whole argument of saturated fats ( an upcoming post) and what it means to the health system. Many studies have been released in the past few years refuting the claim that it causes CHD, including this one :

"Saturated fat does not clog the arteries: coronary heart disease is a chronic inflammatory condition, the risk of which can be effectively reduced from healthy lifestyle interventions Aseem Malhotra,1 Rita F Redberg,2,3 Pascal Meier4,5

* http://www.robbertwolters.com/uploads/4/8/2/9/4829089/bjsports-2016-097285.full__1_.pdf

This is just one study of many, but the evidence is coming to the for and CHD is an accumulation of lifestyle choices not what has always been pointed to in the last 4 decades, saturated fat. Its how we use the butter, on bread, in baking with wheat flour to make pastries, so because it is an animal product it was demonized as the culprit and the carbohydrate (wheat) stayed silent in the background. This is all changing with low carb lifestyles being looked at more for helping with weight reduction and reduction of symptoms of inflammation.

Grass fed butter should be the preferred butter to use, it literally comes from cows

that are free range and are on a grass fed diet as apposed to wheat and corn fed which in turn can agitate many allergies. As pure grass fed butter does not have any additives except for salt , that's a good beginning in a real food lifestyle. Yes we may buy it from a shop and not make it our selves , but it is produce simply with out 12 steps or processes .

Nutrition Butter is around 80% fat, don't be scared, if grass fed, it also has a good amounts of omega 3, Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B12, and vitamin K2. even though we eat it in relatively small amounts. There is also a good amount of Butyric acid which helps to seal and heal the gut lining which in turn leads to great gut health , for more information on this please check out this post from Dr Axe (https://draxe.com/butyric-acid/).

There is a shift over to the use of butter again in the average family household , as in this story there is a shortage of butter globally as well as in Australia. As always it comes down to money and because butter prices are rising the bakers are looking at other ingredient to put in place of butter in their products, to make them more cost effective, what will be put in I wonder?


Dr Axe is a great read and full of information that I don't have time to research, this is a great site to join and read the facts from a very knowledgeable doctor and his staff.


That's a little on butter and I hope I haven't confused you but enthused you to shift back to a good healthy grass fed butter, I only put a couple of informational sites in this is purely because I don't want to repeat factual information that others have already done so well. I.m not trying to become an expert on every thing I just want to show people the way to health. Enjoy butter and be healthy it's just what you put it on or in we have to talk more about!

Love always

Keryn x

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