Into Laymen s terms - low carb living

Day 9 of 365

My first book review,(there are 3 books I love) my way, hope its legal!

The next 19 (including this one) posts will be reviewing in laymen's terms what I think is one of the most important and relevant books written on living a low carbohydrate lifestyle. I can't say this is for every one,( I want to say it) and please see your health care professional before using this content personally. This book was written 7 years ago and is still fantastically relevant, which is rare in the sciences these days, but its because it is going back to actual facts and reality.

The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living 2011

Written by Jeff S. Volek, PhD, RD & Stephen D. Phinney, MD, PhD.

This book in my opinion and I would think any other health practitioner, is the pinnacle of a science, evidence based guide to carbohydrate restriction. It is the hand book to many a health writer or blogger out there and you will find it in the reference of many articles and professional papers. I would strongly advise anybody who is considering or is curious about low carbohydrate living to have this book in there library at home , section 5 , which are guest chapters is amazing with a look at low carb from other doctors.

Loved these words from the writers on the back of the book

"If you want clear, unabridged, and hard-hitting nutrition science, buy this book

If you want the mainstream consensus view, put it down gently and tiptoe quietly away".


Interesting Times

It is mainly still believed in the general public 'carbohydrates are necessary and good, whereas dietary fats are bad'. There is still no common ground on what to do with the obesity epidemic across the world. A small shift is occurring to reduce refined carbohydrates and simple sugars. The writers are very passionate about the low carb topic and that is why the came together to write this book.

Five Discords

1/ Over 30 years of pushing the low fat diet and obesity is out of control.

2/ High carb content in a low fat diet enhances blood sugar levels, high fat diet keeps insulin levels stable

3/ Scientific data reveals no connection between dietary saturated fats and heart disease in the long term.

4/ Blood levels of saturated fat are higher the more carb is eaten

5/ One dietary guideline does not fit all.

The Unmet Ned

Going low carb is not as easy as just removing sugar, bread etc. to understand whats going on you need to read this whole book. through our life cycle there is not one diet for all humanity, that is just to simplistic.

Three Keys

Safety: The writers of this book have more that 50 years experience in researching, hundreds of peer reviews so understand a low carb diet and the benefits to those with carbohydrate intolerance.

Individual Specificity: type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and high triglycerides are associated with insulin resistance which in turn is associated with carbohydrate intolerance.

sustainability (Getting Beyond 'Casual'): This book is to explain a sustainable and well-formulated low carb diet that can be followed long term.

Why a Health Care Professional Should Buy this Book

The book is aimed primarily for anybody in the health industry who wants to see this side of the argument seen that it is seldom taught.

Who Ultimately Stands to Benefit from this Book?

With the over weight and obese epidemic rising every year which in turn the metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes rising along with it, for the right people the benefits are huge.

The American Pie

carbohydrate intolerance seems to increase with age, it is estimated that 1 in 4 can tolerate and thrive on a low fat diet , that leaves 3 in 4 that can not, hence the growing health epidemics. A quote from this book that I had to just write word for word " we offer this book to you in hopes that this information will broaden the options available to you and your patients in the management of carbohydrate intolerance. May we all work together towards that day when , walking down the street, we find that obesity is once again rare and no longer the norm". Jeff Volek and Steve Phinney

PS; tomorrow we look at chapter one " Overview of Low Carbohydrate and Ketogenic Diets

Love always


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