Chapter 3 - the "Modern" History of Carbohydrate Restriction

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This is part 4 of my review in Layman's terms of the book 'The Art and Science of Low carbohydrate Living' By Jeff S. Volek, PhD, RD & Stephen D. Phinney, MD, PhD


The battle continues between low fat and low carb and even with years of clinical studies and many, many years there are still the ones who insist they are right , which ever way it is. Unfortunately instead of the battle between the Scientists and Nutritionists , the battle is more to do with politics and ego's. clear voice is Gary Taubs who started with the Times Magazine article "What If It's Been a Big Fat Lie" that was in 2002.

Banting's Letter on Corpulence

In 1862 surgeon William Harvey came up with a diet for a patient William Banting which would be known as 'the bant'.The diet consisted of meat, fish, poultry, animal and dairy fats with no limits, strictly no sugars or starches. There were the for and against in the medical industry at the time.

The Eisenhower Opportunity

The president of USA in 1955 Eisenhower had a heart attack , his doctors at the time insisted it was from the fat and cholesterol, even though his cholesterol levels were normal levels. At that time professor Ancel Keys grabbed the opportunity to promote his low fat and low cholesterol theory, this is when saturated fats were demonized. Two massive studies attempted to confirm this theory in the 70's and even though the results were less than impressive the US government continued to insist that low fat was the healthiest option.

Robert C. Atkins: a Revolution Built upon Historical Rock

In the 1960's a U.S cardiologist Dr . Robert C. Atkins used restricted carbohydrate dietary advise for his patients with great success, even with him being labeled a quack by his peers. He published his first book 'Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution was released in 1972 and sold millions.

Senator McGovern's dietary guidelines

Between 1976 - 1980 senator McGovern headed the committee to form the national dietary guidelines and no matter what the science actually showed in was inevitable that reduced dietary fat and cholesterol was going to win. even though the two original large studies proved the theory had its flaws, the decision was made for a new study and this time it would include women.......

The Women's Health Initiative (WHI)

The study was dome on 50,000 women in 1991 - 1999 and was the most expensive low fat heart disease hypothesis every done. Again the low fat diet just didn't work in reducing anything from heart disease, stroke and cancers.

The Food and Nutrition Board 2010

After all the studies the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory committee still today advise on the diet being at least 45% carbohydrates, saying that the brain is a carbohydrate dependent organ. The fact being that the brain is only carb dependent if nutrients such as sugars and concentrated carbohydrates are the main food consumed. I For keto adaption less than 50g of carbs per day are to be eaten, more than half of the brains food can come from ketones., and the rest from glucose which is easily produced by the liver.

My thoughts

As time goes on I guess we will hopefully see the truth, as disease grows or decreases, it will have to be seen. As social media grows I think we aren't as naive as we used to be, as each of us trial it for ourselves I can see that low carb living will suit many people . The most important thing is for the truth to come out eventually and as health practitioners we are all learning all the time. The more we can share the healthier the world will become

Love Always

Keryn x

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