Methylation! is it a Dirty Word

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Methylation in the human body is fascinating, the video below is with two of my favorite doctors, they really know and are passionate with their knowledge. Dr David Perlmutter, a Neurologist, I found many years ago when I read a book called "Brain Grain", it changed my life and I have been plugging it ever since. Dr Ben Lynch I found when I started researching MTHFR (Methyltetrahydrofolate, hense why we shortened it to MTHFR). I'm personally Homozygouse C677T, which is a double twist on one of my genes, to put it simply my methylation of my body may not be working to its optimum. The interview below is Dr David Purlmutter interviewing Dr Ben Lynch on his new book "Dirty Genes".

A little bit of a run down of the interview:

You are in charge of your genes, to some extent, especially how they are functioning. SNP's (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) are the most common type of gene variation in people, a nucleotide is a single DNA building block. This all sounds a bit confusing , but I think you can see why it is so important in treating patients and why we all need individualized treatments when we combine this information with other differentials in the body. most have no impact on the body , but it ca alter the enzyme pathway to either speed up or slow down the process.


If you are Chinese, Hispanic, Caucasian or Italian you have a 40-50% chance of having a variant SNP. This is not a disease but a varient in the body. Some reactions are:

  • slows down enzymes down

  • reduces folate metabolism

  • folic acid is synthetic, so it takes 6 x processes for it to work (natural forms of folate or folinic acid is better)

  • without methylfolate the body does not work properly

  • this is also needed for up to 200 other functions , including keeping cell membranes healthy

  • Methylation is used to quiet gene expression, you do not want your genes to work constantly

  • Some symptoms can be: Bipolar, mood disorders, cardio risk, pre-eclampsia, to name a few

When checking labs:

when getting tested please always ask your GP for a blood test on MTHFR along with Homocysteine, HbA1c, and organic acids, especially B2, folate levels.

Treatment varies with each individual, their sercumstances, age and of cours lifestyle. copy and paste this to google if the video below doesn't work

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