Day 5

5th January 2018

Day 5 5th January

MOVEMENT - Just normal housework and the like today =4097 steps


DAILY QUOTE “the types of people you should surround yourself with,; the inspired, the passionate, the motivated, the grateful and the open minded “ – Steve Maraboli

PREP WORK – As with today I will be having left over from yesterday’s meal 2 , I like to do this a lot so when I’m at work I have a healthy option for meal 1, that’s when I’m hungry

MORNING – start with a Bullet proof coffee (2 this morning)


11.35am - Left over chicken broth –with vegies and chicken


5.50 – zoodles with bocconcini and Italian sausage for 2

I’m lucky enough to have a husband and mother in law that once a year make wonderful Italian sausage. No preservatives except for salt , a bit of chili, and a free range pig, what, but I don’t like the taste of pork? But this sausage once it has been dried is fantastic to add to dishes like this one, I like to fry it until it is crispy, Chorizo sausage will work much the same.

3 medium zucchini ( about 20 cm long)

1 small Italian or chorizo sausage, diced into small pieces

2 tbsp olive oil

1 clove of garlic

100g baby bocconcini cheese ( if you cant get the baby break up a parent one)(I know my

humorous not that funny)

200g cherry tomatoes

some black olives

chili , if desired

basil leaves

top with shaved Parmesan cheese

1/ Spiralize the zucchini and cook as desired (a post in 365 days of blogging will explain different ways of using the spiralizer and cooking the veggies)

2/ Heat pan add olive oil and sausage on medium heat (helps to render the fat)

3/ Cook sausage until slightly crispy then add the garlic and chili, stir frequently

4/ Add the tomato, olives and half of the basil, cook 5 mins

5/ Take off of the heat and add the zoodles, bocconcini and the rest of the basil

6/ place on serving plates and top with Parmesan if desired


· Hopefully next week back at work I will get this all working right, please forgive for my unbelievably bad skills when it comes to technology

· the recipe I did above is a favorite in our house hold, even though I am basically grain free most of the time, I sometimes have gluten free past with this sauce , believe me your guests will love it.

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