Day 6

6th January

Day 6

MOVEMENT - 6567 – steps, a bit of strength training will start next week

LIFE - Ahh took down the Christmas tree, what a mess. Seem to be writing these two blog pages all the time, work on Monday, eeek, pull it together. Out to dinner tonight so this is what I will order

DAILY QUOTE “Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone” – Peer Hustle-

PREP WORK – Not a lot of prep work today as a smoothie for lunch and out for dinner

MORNING – start with a Bullet proof coffee (2 this morning)


11.10 – Berry protein smoothie

almond milk, blue berries, avocado, coconut yogurt, protein powder, LSA, raw cacao, turmeric, cinnamon and a dash of maple syrup, blended and yum

# i don't actually use protein powders often, a good quality one is essential, I will get confirmation from my supplier if I can use their product, it is practitioner only so it will be hard to come across . Protein powders are good when you don't feel like a big meal but you know you need nutrients or you will nibble something an hour later , that you wish you didn't. Satiety is key here!


6.30 – Dinning out - sorry forgot to take a picture

Imagine - 180g grass fed scotch fillet, medium rare, side salad, and red wine reduction.

Coffee with cream


· You can never falter with a good steak and salad, I get asked all the time “what do I eat when I go out”, fish , chicken, salad, there is always something on every menu

· If you want to see my main blog posts please head over to my website and join of like my helping with health face book page and get daily updates.

· Tomorrow is Sunday I allow myself if I’m hungry for 3 meals, It’s not a cheat day but I love having a big breakfast with my one and only, usually after a big walk on the beach.

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