Day 7

Day 7 7th January 2018 Sunday

MOVEMENT - 8598 – steps, a bit of strength training will start next week

LIFE - Relaxing day at home today, preparing for work tomorrow as well as writing the two blogs.

DAILY QUOTE “Rock bottom has built more heroes than privilege” - anonymous

PREP WORK – Boil eggs for tomorrows lunch

MORNING – start with a Bullet proof coffee


10.25 – Big fry up

2 fried eggs, bacon, spinach, avocado and yes I allowed myself 1 hash brown ( yes it is a carb but way less than toast, at lease its potato and salt)


2.35 – Share a plate with my one and only

Kimchi, Bocconcini, avocado, cucumber and a little salami, with seed crackers

MEAL 3 -

Greek yogurt, blueberries, omega seed mix, walnuts and a little drizzle of maple syrup


# A very simple day today, do I count calories, no, I just nourish my body

# Tomorrow I'll start preparing some meals ahead of time, back at work, some days I can work from home but I get a lot more done in my office.

# Eggs boiled ready for my egg salad for lunch

# tomorrow I will start more on my movement, not every day, but there will be movement, I want to try a few different methods so I will share

# I have to admit I love cooking or even just preparing a simple menu as above, I enjoy eating my own food, if you don't find a healthy alternative, just get goodness in the belly.

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