Day 8

8th January 2018 Monday

MOVEMENT - 6849 – steps, a bit of strength training each day to start 10 mins – 10 sumu squats (with medicine ball) and 10 crunches ( on exercise ball) rest 20 seconds repeat 10 times

LIFE - at work trying to get these pages working properly, the experts coming next Tuesday, let the ones who know what they’re doing do it.

DAILY QUOTE “What you do has a greater impact than what you say” – Stephen Covey-

PREP WORK – buy raw peeled prawns on the way home from work

MORNING – start with a Bullet proof coffee


1.10pm – egg salad + omega seeds + mixed lettuce + avocado


5.50 – Garlic and chili prawn warm salad

-recipe will be in recipe section from the end of January


· Recipes will be in their own section by the end of January, hopefully, times is getting on top of me and I can’t write out each recipe individually each day, sorry, I just realised I am human after all.

· If you want to see my main blog posts please head over to my website and join of like my helping with health face book page and get daily updates.

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