For my health, 365 days of blogging

Even though I'm a Clinical Nutritionist, overworked, not making time for myself, the big L word (lazy) and just forgetting about my self worth I've decided to make the next 365 days ,from January 1st 2018 about me, but please join in and make me accountable for all of our health !


I'm still not sure if that's a statement or a question in my case!

A little about me, I'm 56 years old and just realized over the last 7 years I have become nowhere near as healthy and fit as I was at 49, yes we age, or is that just an excuse! Being in the fashion industry from 15 years of age everything was about the looks on the outside. At 49 I became bankrupt and lost everything, it soon became everything on the inside. Now am i just using excuses, i turned 50 years old, menopause, stress of bankruptcy, full time uni study, falling in love again, getting married, loosing my beautiful niece to cancer, its been a big 6 years ( yes weight wise as well), are they all just excuses ? I made it, I have my Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine and have been successfully running my clinic for one year, with great results for my patients. During my 56 years of life as with everybody, I have had my ups and downs, which I'm sure I will relieve myself of in the next year of blogging, but I love life to the fullest. This blog will also be my personal diary, foods I eat, exercises I'm trying out, mishaps, ideas, new recipes etc.

How, you ask?

....with being a clinical Nutritionist I let myself become not as healthy as I should be?


I understand when my patient say to me "but I cant find the time to do that or eat that"!

Well now I'm putting myself to the test and I am accountable to everyone who reads my posts and my reputation as a Clinical Nutritionist. All those years of hard study, now I.m putting my self to the test. I will explain tomorrow about how the blogs will work, easy reading, tips, newest studies explained, each day will be something new.

We all need a little push this is for me and you, we should be the number one priority in our lives, so we can continue to be in the lives of those that we love

All my love

Keryn xxx

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