I really like my self

Enjoy the ending of 2017 and reflect on what was a big year, it was a big year for me, going into business again I didn't even hesitate!

When you absolutely love what you do, make people feel better, listen and enjoy every moment of my life, at work, at home and first and foremost " I really like myself".

I think my true life really began when I realized I don't have to have the approval of everybody, everybody doesn't have to agree with me and if they don't, its OK

We can't please everybody so pleasing yourself makes you more pleasing to be around!

To many pleases well maybe but I think you get the drift.

Well now moving into 2018, an eye opening year for everybody I hope, I'm an optimist and I will always believe good will come from good. I truly hope from tomorrow my 365 blogs in a row will guide, enthuse and relate in some part to who ever reads it.

My favorite book at the moment is "The Pioppi diet" by Dr Aseem Malhotra and Donal O'Neill, a fantastic educational read, what I love its written mainly in laymen terms, which is how my blog will be written. A new look at the Mediterranean diet the way it really was and is today, low carb, high good fats and a healthy lifestyle. I strongly recommend this book as it is evidence based on the truth about our health. This will be the basis of how I will be eating and some of the blogs I will be writing.

I love using real food so to start the 365 day s we will start with basics and work our way up using fresh natural foods.

A Happy New Year to everybody with love and wishes all around

Love Always

Keryn xxx

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