I want to nourish my body with food not fill my body with food

Post 2

Is it a fad or marketing ploy?

No I don't think so, nutritionally it makes absolute sense as well as all of the evidence based studies that have been done over the years , why didn't it hit the popularity until recently ! Starting form basics, I'know this is general knowledge, but if we start at the beginning and you learn something from me every day, we will all be happy (and hopefully health),.

We have Macro and Micro nutrients.

Macro nutrients are the large amounts we eat, Lipids(fats), proteins and carbohydrates, some can argue to say there should be a forth , water.

Micro nutrients are very small amounts our bodies gather from food we eat they are vitamins ,minerals etc. we will go back to this in future posts!

Getting back to the Macro nutrients :

Proteins - brake down in the body to Amino Acids and distributed to where it is needed, we have 21 amino Acids , 12 are made by your body but 9 are classified as essential Amino Acids , you must consume them!

Lipids - there are many different types of fats in our body's , some we need and some not so much , but there are 2 essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 these are only taken in by food (our body cannot produce it) and they are essential for our health, including brain health.

Carbohydrate - there are no essential carbohydrates, our bodies can manage completely with out them

So why is the Western diet have such a high carbohydrate content?

Its cheap, you can feed the masses, its a filler!

So on day 2 of my 365 days of health I will admit I want to nourish my body with food not just fill it with food.

I know of you 2 people reading this the questions will come rolling in , but what about fiber? don't we need carbohydrates for energy? Wont fat make us fat?

All will be answered

But back to low carb, this includes, Paleo, Ketogenic, Atkins,Pioppi diet, Grain free eating etc

The question is how low do we go?

So if you are going low carb it is advised to up your intake of fats so they can be used as energy in the form of Ketones if on a very low carb intake. Ketones are a much better form of energy and if you think about it we have pretty well an endless supply of fats in our cells so energy is constant, not the carb roller coaster (that again is another post).

So all and all it makes sense to lower the carbs and up the fats and keep protein in the diet on a moderate basis.

My aim with these posts is to answer the questions of how far we go and the results we get. I want to make life easier not spend my time counting calories and weighing up everything to the gram, I don't think that's sustainable long term, or enjoyable.

By the end of this year I want to have formatted the perfect lifestyle for most of us, food, exercise, love, life, energy, being, being able to live happy and healthy.

PS. I know I could have fitted a lot more into this , but I still have 363 days to go!!!!

Love Always

Keryn x

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