To blog or not to blog

Its all new to me, expect spelling mistakes, maybe controversial thinking, maybe a little up on my high horse, please forgive me now!

Each day I will submit and admit to you what I eat and how i eat, this will be submitted at the end of each days blog

I will be having Meal 1 and Meal 2, Meal 1 is eaten when I first feel hungry and Meal 2 is with in 6 hours of meal , in other words Intermittent fasting. That leaves my body 16 hours to finish digesting, absorbing and distributing the nutrients I just ate and the rest of the time it can concentrate on healing my body and mind.

I will be eating nutrient dense and rich foods, real food, 1 ingredient food, no Franken foods.

I will share most recipes or at lease tell you where to get it.

I will not use BMI or weight to measure if I am going well, my body will tell me

The three big removals to begin with are Refined sugars, Refined oils and Refined grains (day 3,

I will explain exactly what these are).

I will progress further as time goes on and as my body recognizes it is time.

This eating regime I have programmed for me specifically, please allow for your differences of health and circumstances.

Exercise will be for the mind as well as for the body.

In my blogs if I mention certain people, products, books, supplements etc. I am doing so purely out of respect and am not receiving any payment for such. This blog is connected to my business but in know way should completely reflect the way my business is run. This is a self reflection and self healing blog.

Along my journey I will share personal experiences, recent studies, health advice, life in general, I will be honest, so laugh with me (or at me), cry with me, feel humble, feel enthused and be intrigued with facts and fiction of health, looking forward to Jan 1

with love

Keryn x

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