whats age got to do with it? Post 3

I never really thought about age until I hit 50, oh yes the good ...old...50s!

Its not that bad, you get used to the little creaks and cracks, or do we?

I've noticed most of the healthy living programs , books , and so forth are not specifically aimed at 50+. Fair enough we are supposed to slow down...what....or may be we just have a different perspective on life! I always say I hit the :I don't give a f... fifties, and I honestly believe my self in most scenarios. But we do care, we still want to look good and most of all we don.t want to be taking a handful of pharmaceuticals by the time we are 60 years old or earlier!

What is the result of our lifestyle , our choice of foods, our genetics, we should take it all in to consideration

Our bodies are very forgiving most of the time, but the sooner we give up on our vices obviously , the better. In most of the studies I have read health and longevity come down to a combination of, strong relationships, eating a wholefood diet, large amounts of vitamin D, and lower levels of stress, does anybody you know have all of these things! so that means we have to take extra precautions, I strongly believe we should all (no matter what age) be taking a good form of fish oil daily, not only beneficial for brain health but reduces inflammation through out the body, all illness comes from a form of inflammation. There are many supplements that can benefit us and we are all different so each of us may have different needs, but I firmly believe we all need fish oil, Vitamin D and probiotics on a regular basis. Probiotics are to help our GIT work effectively and reduce inflammation and promote our immunity.

Our GIT (gastro intestinal tract) is the tube from our mouth all the way winding through to our anus (sorry had to say it). so it makes sense what goes in at the mouth contributes to what is happening inside of us until it comes out the other end (poop, yes I said it).( Posts coming GIT, probiotics, microbiota). So you ask again "whats age got to do with it" being healthy, thinking healthy, its never to late (most of the time) Good food will always make a benefit to your life no matter what age you are. Eat simple , pure and with love, with family or the people you love, do this your whole life and your whole life can start right now!

With macronutrients proteins and lipids are essential in our diets and even more so the more active we are and as we go through life. Proteins are an essential part of any diet at any age but especially as we get older, and its sad how in most aged facilities they serve sandwiches as meals , when a nice piece of fish and green vegetables would be so much more beneficial. Remember in yesterdays post carbohydrates are predominately fillers, not a lot of nutrition in a jam white bread sandwich. Wonderful fats from fish , avocado, nuts are brain foods, Don't get me onto dementia????? (yes another post).

Yes there are those 70 year old men and women that do weight lifting every day and look amazing, and congrats to them but reality is time, most of us can't spend 6 hours a day in the Gym, we have lives , I want to do many things and time is all we really have. So ultimately we eat well, move a little and be happy the hallmarks of longevity in my eyes. And again 'whats age got to do with it' ? Just be happy, you are as old or young as you want, no I'm not going to say age is just a number, because only old people say that!!!!! Yes I'm in denial, I'm 56 and I love it, i really do I wouldn't change a thing!

Tomorrow will be the first in the posts on a single food, Im going to work my way through the alphabet a few times this year, So 'A' the wonders of the Avocado

Remember Socrates said

"Bad men live that they may eat and drink, whereas good men eat ant drink that they may live"

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