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What directions we might take !

Our bodies may be malnourished, disease (dis-eased), fatigued, rundown, highly strung, confused etc. We all want to feel at our best and we are all different individuals that want our jigsaw puzzle (our life) to make sense and fit together to make a complete individual picture of us as a whole. The whole idea is gathering all the information and finding the root cause to the problem it may be a diagnosed illness or just not feeling right we will work with you to find the answer. The 10 week program is ideal for weight loss and to help regain health (look under group bookings). I will do my best to help you with many different health problems including and not limited to the following:

Autoimmune Diseases -




*Celiac Disease

*Type 1 Diabetes

*Sjogren's Syndrome


Diabetes -

*Type 1 Diabetes

*Type 2 Diabetes

Gut Disorders - 

*Gut Disbiosis

*Irritable Bowel Disease


*Celiac Disease